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Welcome to the new NQF Statement of Interest Portal. This portal enables you to:

  • Submit a Statement of Interest for a National Quality Forum (NQF) Action Team or in the NQF Leadership Consortium Initiative
  • Save your Statement of Interest and submit it later
  • Access automatic entry of your contact information, limiting your need to retype it
  • View, print, or copy information to Statements of Interest for other initiatives

This portal facilitates the submission of Statements of Interest for NQF's Action Teams or the Leadership Consortium initiatives. We are currently piloting this portal and making ongoing updates to improve the platform.

If you are submitting a nomination for NQF's measure-endorsement and related committees (e.g., MAP Committees), you may do so here.

Thank you for your interest in NQF's work! If you experience any issues, please e-mail qualityinnovation@qualityforum.org.

Programs Dates Status
NQF Leadership Consortium 2022 3/28 - 4/18 Closed




Version 1.0